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100% Electric
That’s the Streetfood e-Tuk


  • allowed on public roads
  • Indoor & outdoor
  • versatile


The Streetfood e-Tuk is compact and efficient, without losing impact. Green thanks to its electric drive and therefore ideal for use on indoor locations such as shopping malls, large offices and events venues.

Also outdoor the Streetfood e-Tuk is very suitable. The e-Tuk is approved for use on public roads and can be driven with a B-driver’s license. The action radius is 75 – 100 km when using a lead-acid battery pack. Optionally we can build autonomous installations for electricity or gas on location, making it able to function stand-alone completely.

Standard model

The Streetfood e-Tuk comes standard with a hatch over the entire width of the visitble site and a hatch at the rear of the e-Tuk. The other long side is equipped with a door giving access to the storage. The e-Tuk can be designed fully custom made. Starting point is a format that takes into account a logical routing with enough room for preparation and assembly.

Battery pack

The electric Streetfood e-Tuk rides on batteries and in addition functions on electricity through a fixed connection or, when this is not available, on gas or on the battery pack.

You can chose for lead-acid batteries or lithium. Lithium is more expensive to purchase, but has a longer lifetime, is more stable and requires less maintenance than the lead-acid battery.

In addition, lithium is a lot lighter in weight, leaving more room with your configuration and loading without exceeding the weight maximum. Finally, you increase your action radius to around 110 kilometres.