Quality, budget efficiency and planning are the principles associated with each project. With our approach we ensure that your mobile food solution is exactly like the one you’ve been looking for. No surprises, and exactly the functionality and look & feel you want.

During the first exploratory step we identify the demands and objectives. Which functionalities, volumes and capacity you consider? What are your ideas about positioning and brand identity? And how should the food solution fit within the marketing and communication mix?


In the next phase, we look at the look & feel. Based on concept sketches, we review the materials, form, lay out, implementation and equipment. What will the routing look like and what options are there in the field of working self-supporting.

During the technical design phase we concentrate on the routing. The layout and dimensions are subsequent. Ergonomics and sustainability are important considerations. In the technical drawings we then zoom in on all details.

Together we make choices in preparation equipment, capacity, air treatment, energy supply, water and more.


For the construction of the food solution we form a dedicated team of allround engineers and a project manager. This team is fully committed up to and including the delivery of your project.
Part of each project is a detailed crew instruction upon delivery. At Food Truck Company’s workshop (optionally on location) we make your operational team familiar with all the possibilities of your mobile food solutioin. We can even make a video of the training, which can be consulted later in time.


After the delivery we stay involved. For the preventive maintenance of your mobile food solution for instance, we offer several service contracts and we can take care of periodic inspections, including the MOT.

In our custom made app My FTC we register exactly which maintenance and which inspection your object needs. You can contact us 24/7 in case of technical malfunctions.

Finally, our brand activation-branch The Activation Company can supply you with the full care of the exploitation of your brand activation campaign. From license applications to product demonstrations and all forms of project management.

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