How we work


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You see opportunities in your organization to grow or improve. Our team will help you in this process with:

  • Brainstorm from scratch
  • Market exploration
  • Update existing business
  • Strategic advice
  • Testing feasibility
  • Develop business plan


We work for or with you on business development and strategy development, within existing or new markets. We do this with a pragmatic, hands-on attitude. After the development of a new business concept, we ensure a thorough implementation and then continuous monitoring, analysis and optimization of the concept.

Concept development

The development of a successful business concept starts with an extensive briefing, followed by inspiring sessions with our strategic and creative team. This results in the outline of the concept, the first creative and operational elaborations and a provisional indication of the budget. Topics include:

  • Product Range
  • Target group determination
  • Brand development
  • Product development
  • Sales channels
  • Points of sale 
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Product design

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We are specialized in the creative and technical design and development of points of sale. Key points:

  • Logistic Routing
  • Experience
  • Functionality


We work from sketches and first visualizations to 3D models. We advise on materialization, equipment and operation, taking into account environmental requirements and conditions and the parameters set within the business model.

Branding & Styling

Everything stands or falls with a strong brand experience and the translation. When it comes to brand & experience, you can call on us for:

  • Development of new brands, including logo and brand guide
  • Translating from brand to points of sale
  • Materialization interior and exterior, colors, lighting
  • Advice on, development and branding of packaging, disposables, styling, clothing, etc.
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Production and project management

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When a concept is given to us in production, we manage the production process from A to Z:

  • Work preparation
  • Sourcing and purchasing
  • Schedule
  • Process and quality control
  • Project management
  • Delivery after extensive testing


Thanks to our many years of experience, we know exactly which party does what best. The specialists in our network work together seamlessly.

After delivery, we take care of:

  • Transportation
  • Commissioning
  • Training
  • Optimization