Food on Wheels
That’s the food truck


  • profitable concepts
  • premium trucks and equipment
  • new with modern look or old timer with vintage look
  • smart, safe and reliable

Food trucks of Food Truck Company stand out in quality, thoughtful design and premium materials and equipment. Food trucks that not only have a high appeal on guests, but also achieve revenue goals. Thanks to the intensive survey phase before we start with the realisation and the crew training at delivery.

We build food trucks based on a new vehicle or an occasion, based on your preference.Iconic retro vehicles such as the Volkswagen T1, a Citroën HY or an Peugeot J7 appeal to the imagination. With these vehicles we focus on the reliability of the vehicle by checking it thoroughly technically and replace parts whenever necessary.

When realizing food trucks we furthermore focus on:
  • distinctiveness by strong concept and design
  • maximum and efficient use of the space available
  • making use of light materials because of the legal weight limits
  • optimal functionality by smart processing and routing
  • a high production capacity

Dazzling vintage food trailer
That’s the Revival food trailer!


  • custom made
  • food & retail concepts
  • from 14 ft to 24 ft
  • vintage looks

An improved version of the original American trailer. Completely redesigned for use in food service and retail. Light in weight, a permanent shiny characteristic assembly and very flexible to equip and furnish.

The basic interior consists of stainless steel worktops all around en more than adequate storage space. For the development of the custom made version, we start with a technical drawing, on which the desired configuration is stated, including for example:

  • preparation equipment
  • energy supply
  • water installation
  • extraction

Thanks to the low weight of the Revival Trailer, there is plenty of room for interior and supplies within the legal weight limits. The Revival Food Trailer is available in five models. Each model can be modified as to positioning of doors, windows or hatches.

14 ft (4300 mm including drawbar)
  • surface 3000 mm x 2120 mm
  • working area for 1-2 persons
  • single axle
  • maximum weight including load 750 kg
17 ft (5200 mm including drawbar)
  • surface 3970 x 2120 mm
  • working area for 2-3 persons
  • single axle
  • maximum weight including load 2000 kg
19 ft (5800 mm including drawbar)
  • surface 4420 x 2120 mm
  • spacious working area for 2-3 persons
  • single axle
  • maximum weight including load 2000 kg
21 ft (6400 mm including drawbar)
  • surface 5120 x 2120 mm
  • working area for 3-4 persons
  • double axle
  • maximum weight including load 3500 kg
24 ft (7300 mm including drawbar)
  • surface 6100 x 2120 mm
  • spacious working area for 3-4 persons
  • double axle
  • maximum weight including load 3500 kg

Drop Pop Shop
That’s the Drop Box

URBAN, TOUGH AND eye-catching

  • food & retail concepts and food courts
  • 10 ft, 20 ft and 40 ft with plenty of room and options
  • no weight restrictions
  • quick set up
  • roof terrace possible
Available in almost any version:
  • glass walls
  • laid flat walls
  • sales hatches
  • canopies and terrace
  • fully custom made

The Drop Box is ideal for  (semi-) permanent use. An opened Box is an eye-catcher with impact. A closed Box is safe and can be left behind overnight. Suitable for temporary housing during construction or renovation, on events and fairs and as a pop-up shop on surprising locations.

The Drop Box is available in various formats and can be designed and realised completely custom made.

  • The Drop Box10 – surface 7m2
  • The Drop Box20 – surface 4m2
  • The Drop Box40 – surface 28m2

Height low-cube Drop Box is 2590 mm, height high-cube Drop Box is 2890 mm.

100% Electric
That’s the Streetfood e-Tuk


  • allowed on public roads
  • Indoor & outdoor
  • versatile

The Streetfood e-Tuk is compact and efficient, without losing impact. Green thanks to its electric drive and therefore ideal for use on indoor locations such as shopping malls, large offices and events venues.

Also outdoor the Streetfood e-Tuk is very suitable. The e-Tuk is approved for use on public roads and can be driven with a B-driver’s license. The action radius is 75 – 100 km when using a lead-acid battery pack. Optionally we can build autonomous installations for electricity or gas on location, making it able to function stand-alone completely.

Standard model

The Streetfood e-Tuk comes standard with a hatch over the entire width of the visitble site and a hatch at the rear of the e-Tuk. The other long side is equipped with a door giving access to the storage. The e-Tuk can be designed fully custom made. Starting point is a format that takes into account a logical routing with enough room for preparation and assembly.

Battery pack

The electric Streetfood e-Tuk rides on batteries and in addition functions on electricity through a fixed connection or, when this is not available, on gas or on the battery pack.

You can chose for lead-acid batteries or lithium. Lithium is more expensive to purchase, but has a longer lifetime, is more stable and requires less maintenance than the lead-acid battery.

In addition, lithium is a lot lighter in weight, leaving more room with your configuration and loading without exceeding the weight maximum. Finally, you increase your action radius to around 110 kilometres.

Make it a Special
That’s the FTC Special


  • sustainable (100% electric)
  • allowed on public roads
  • Indoor & outdoor
  • versatile

A high feel good factor, green by electric drive and small yet great. An asset to indoor locations such as shopping malls, event venues and large offices. But also outdoor, with admission for public roads and driveable with a B-license, the Streetfood e-Tuk is very versatile. Available in various standard concepts or custom made.