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Food trucks from Food Truck Company are distinguished in quality, thoughtful design and premium materials and equipment. Food trucks that not only have a high appeal on guests, but also achieve revenu goals. Thanks to the intensive inventory phase before the food truck is built and the crew training at delivering.

We have food trucks for sale on a regular basis. You may find our current supply on this page.

Our current supply consists of:
  • turn-key food trucks that are of have been owned by one of our clients
  • ‘shell-condition’ food trucks which can be converted by us into a mobile food solution for operation or brand activation purposes
  • ‘shell-condition’ food trucks that can be converted by the buyer

Would you like more information about a specific vehicle, or do you want to make an appointment to come and see a food truck? Please contact Henneke Nieboer or call Henneke on +31 88 88 88 081.

Food Truck C15

Food Truck C15

We built this complete food truck C15 for the Indonesian top restaurant Blauw (restaurants in Amsterdam and Utrecht). Restaurant Blauw used the food truck as ‘out-of-the-box’-marketing tool. Business goes well at Blauw and after a longer period of intensive use of the food truck, Blauw wants to fully focus on the expansion of its restaurant now. The food truck is therefore offered for sale.

Through the link below, you will find all specifications and the technical lay-out of this fantastic truck.

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Food Truck C15

Food Truck C15


• Low mileage (285.672)
• Engine, transmission and bodywork are in perfect condition
• With built-in appliances, , refrigerated counters and more
• Large sales counter

• Brand: Mercedes Benz Vario
• Type: Food Truck C15 with custom made construction
• License plate: BP-RS-66
• Year of manufacture: 2004
• Driver’s license C


• Built-in fryer (Miele)
• Flat tepan grill plate
• 2 x wok burner
• Built-in au bain-marie
• 2 x built-in double gas cooking plate (Miele)
• Refrigerated counter with 3 x 2 drawers
• Double sink
• 2 x 33 kg gas cylinder (at rear of vehicle)
• 2 x large extraction (HLPG 1450 / Rem 10A)


• Water installation with 2 x 60 litre clean/waste water tank
• Gas installation


• Sales counter with hatch with foldable board for logo or menu
• Separate entrance door, extra wide checker plate footboard
• Electrical transfer heating for hot water


• Foldable bar under sales hatch
• Entrance from cabin to kitchen area
• Beautiful wood print finishing, shielded area with double sink, sales counter with storage room


• Length: 737 cm
• Width: 222 cm, with sales hatch open 370 cm
• Height (including deflector hoods) 380 cm


• Maximum admissible weight: 6.600 KG


• The truck can be spray painted in any desired colour and can be partly or fully wrapped (not included)


• € 75.000


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Vintage food truck

Vintage food truck

Vintage food truck
  • Beautiful vintage truck (1945)
  • Characteristic appearance
  • Eye catcher
  • Fully revised engine (2017, no mileage after revision)
  • Paintwork needs attention
  • Food truck Ford 1,5 ton
  • 8 cylinder gas
  • License plate: BE-13-10
  • Driver’s license B
  • Double cabin
  • Frame with sailcloth cover (current logo to be deleted by buyer)
  • Lighting
  • Rear stairs to kitchen area
  • Raised floor outside at sales counter (transport facilities in the truck)
  • Extraction
  • Double fryer
  • Two refrigerators
  • Gas installation
  • Wired connection
  • 2 x 16A 230V, 3-pole CEE-form plug for the refrigerators, lighting and extraction
  • sink with cold and hot running water, 2 x 25 litre tank (clean water and waste water)
  • gas installation (30 mb)
  • Length 650 cm
  • Width 228 cm
  • Height 320 cm
  • Maximum admissible weight: 2.530 kg
  • The food truck can be spray painted in any desired colour and can be partly or fully wrapped (not included)
  • € 45.000


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Food truck B13

Food truck B13

Food truck B13
  • Mercedes 308 CDI Sprinter with food truck body
  • Black
  • Manufacturing year 2001
  • Engine (automatic) and transmission in good condition
  • Mileage: 120.821
  • Battery needs to be replaced
  • New body with large sales hatch and room for built-in generator
  • Driver’s license B
  • € 29.000


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