Buy, lease or rent

Each specific situation requires a different financing. The choice  to buy, lease or rent depends on your possibilities and demands.

Operational lease is the best option if you want to operate completely care-free. Maintenance, insurance, inspections, taxes and the milieage allowance (excluding fuel) are all included in a fixed monthly fee.

In case of sale or financial lease you can use one of our additional custom made service contracts.

Our rental assortment offers solutions if a custom made concept is not within range, or not cost effective. For example in case of an activation campaign, a pilot or when you only need a mobile solution for just one season.

These concepts are easily customized to your objectives with some adjustments, both functionally and in look & feel.

No two food solutions are the same. Therefore we only give a global budget indication. For a more specific indication, please fill in our contact form.

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